“Have you installed iOS 11.4?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Once you’d looked at AirPlay 2and Messages in iCloud, did you happen to take a look at the contents of the security updates?”

“If you did you’ll have been disappointed,” Evans writes. “Apple hasn’t disclosed details concerning the security content of the new software. It hasn’t revealed anything concerning USB Restricted Mode, which apparently makes it harder for people to hack into your device.”

“On Apple’s security updates page… all you’ll find (instead of an explanation) is the phrase: ‘Details available soon,'” Evans writes. “You could speculate that Apple has (not for the first time) hidden a few surprises in the just-released software, perhaps supporting announcements it plans for WWDC?”

“Perhaps there’s a hint on the WWDC website?” Evans writes. “Count them up (I did) and you’ll find… that Almost half the sessions scheduled at WWDC will relate in some way to technologies Apple hasn’t revealed yet. There are just over 250 sessions listed in all.”

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