As my friend Rachelle recently wrote on Facebook (reposted with her permission): “My parents linked their account name for their phones and now their phones are the same… Oh also they don’t remember their passwords.”

“It sounds like Rachelle’s parents have two iPhones — obviously — and one of them is probably the device that one parent has been using for awhile. The other one is probably brand-new (or recently reset),” David Murphy writes for Lifehacker. “And when setting up this iPhone for the first time (or again), one of parents decided it would be more convenient to just use the same Apple ID as the other device.”

“That totally makes sense on paper. You’re then only paying for an app once, not twice, after all — or a movie, or an album, etc. The problem? Both iPhones will synchronize a lot more information: apps you’ve downloaded, your photos, your music, your iCloud contacts and calendars, your reminders, etc. There’s a lot. And don’t get me started about iMessage: That’s going to be complete chaos to manage on two ‘separate’ devices that, to Apple, appears as one person’s two devices,” Murphy writes. “Get ready for a lot of confusion.”

“Rather than try to comb through this mess, here’s my idea: Go back, reset the second phone (you’ll lose your iMessages, but, well, it happens), and choose to set it up as a brand-new device when prompted. Don’t restore it from a backup. Also, sign into it with a different iCloud account,” Murphy writes. “[Then] have parent number one set up Family Sharing and invite parent number two’s Apple ID to participate… [which] will allow you to maintain separate accounts for things like messaging and notes, while still getting all the benefits of purchases made within your family.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, every individual should have an individual Apple ID all for themselves and, note to parents and in-laws, try to remember your Apple ID password: It’s (way) more important than you seem to think and it saves beaucoup headache for those of us tasked with maintaining your devices!