“Gaston D’Aquino did not wait for the priest’s final blessing before he left Easter Sunday mass in Hong Kong on April 1,” Cathy Hilborn Feng reports for The South China Post. “He went directly to Adventist Hospital to learn why the alarm on his Apple Watch had gone off during the service, alerting him to a spike in his heart rate.”

“‘I had read about these cases before, so I knew it was something that was serious,’ the semi-retired diamond trader says, adding he skipped family Easter lunch because ‘I thought that going to the hospital was that important. It was a strong signal, not ambiguous. It said I had an elevated heart rate,'” Feng reports. “That decision probably saved his life. ‘I told the doctor I don’t know why I’m here, but my watch tells me I have an elevated heart rate. He says, ‘Are you feeling anything?’ I said no, I feel fine, I’m feeling all right, nothing’s wrong.’ Hooked up to an electrocardiograph machine – which records the heart’s electrical activity – he learned something was wrong. He was immediately referred to cardiologists… After batteries of tests over the next three days, ‘they told me that out of the three main coronary arteries, two were completely blocked, and one was 90 per cent blocked.'”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

“Until that alarm went off in church, D’Aquino had had no idea that his heart was a ticking time bomb. He is 76 but can easily pass for someone 20 years younger,” Feng reports. “The watch was a Christmas gift to himself about 18 months ago, bought to help him avoid missed calls. Having worked in the diamond and jewellery business for 56 years, he still consults with overseas companies. He carried his iPhone in his bag or pocket and did not always hear it ringing. ‘The watch vibrates and I can see the messages. I haven’t taken it off. That’s one of the things that’s good about the watch – it’s on you. It’s monitoring you all the time.’ …D’Aquino concluded: ‘Please continue promoting the use of the Apple Watch for anyone with cardiac problems. I lost a cousin two weeks ago to a massive heart attack, and if he had an Apple Watch, he might have had the same opportunity I got – to live.'”

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