“While the FCC is taking comments about how it should treat the superhigh spectrum bands, Apple is urging regulators to include more unlicensed spectrum bands in their plans,” Monica Alleven reports for FierceWireless.

“It’s not asking for parity between licensed and unlicensed bands, but it says what’s currently been proposed far too heavily favors licensed technologies,” Alleven reports. “One thing the commission could consider is permitting unlicensed technologies to share these superhigh bands with licensed services, according to Apple’s filing.”

“The commission already has proposed innovative sharing opportunities between fixed service, fixed satellite service (FSS) and unlicensed services in its Mid-Band Spectrum Notice of Inquiry, and such sharing mechanisms should be explored and implemented at the outset in the bands above 95 GHz, according to Apple,” Alleven reports. “The tech giant is also recommending that the commission establish larger unlicensed bandwidths. Thus far, the proposed unlicensed bands range from 1 gigahertz to 7.2 gigahertz wide — too narrow to enable optimal use of the type of technologies that are being developed today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The FCC should strive to avoid restrictive rules that could unnecessarily restrict innovation.