“I reviewed the iPhone X for CNBC on Oct. 31 and then bought one when it hit store shelves on three days later,” Todd Haselton writes for CNBC. “It’s been exactly six months since then and, while the Apple iPhone X bothers me sometimes, it’s still the best phone you can buy.”

“In my review I praised the screen as the ‘coolest new feature,’ but I’m not sure that’s true anymore. I dig that it’s a bright and colorful display, but Face ID is by far the best feature,” Haselton writes. “I use it all the time to unlock my phone in a split second and to quickly buy things with Apple Pay.”

“I still prefer the user interface to iPhones with Home buttons, too. The swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen feels natural at this point,” Haselton writes. “I originally found that the battery was able to last about a day, but now I usually have to recharge by the time I get home from work around 6:30 p.m. I use my phone to stream music at my desk during the day, so maybe that’s contributing to the added drain… I’ve also noticed that the iPhone X tends to get pretty hot on the back when I’m playing games or watching movies.”

“It’s no wonder the iPhone X is still Apple’s best-selling iPhone,” Haselton writes. “It’s expensive, more than $1,000 all in, but it’s also the best phone you can buy right now. It’s held up really well over the last six months, even as new entrants like the Galaxy S9 entered the market. The only thing holding it back from being a truly perfect device is the so-so battery life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Six months in, we love the iPhone X overall, but we’d like to have a larger display (and we expect to get that less than six months from now) and, yes, we still hate the notch. It’s an inelegant kludge. We’d rather have a slight forehead to house the TrueDepth Camera system. That’d be a better design solution than a flap which actually goes so far as to obscure content and that every developer has to work around.

The gestures to replace the antiquated Home button are easy to assimilate and make iOS feel new and speed up operation significantly. We love, love, love swiping up on iPhone X!

We never get below 35% battery life remaining in a day with our iPhone X units since we have Apple Watches on our wrists (which means much less fishing out iPhones to do things like quickly read and answer messages, check the weather, time, sports scores, etc.) and, if we were going to stream music at our desks from our iPhones all day, we’d put them on chargers while doing so. Duh.

Open thread: What’d be wrong with slightly thicker iPhone with more battery life and a flush camera assembly? – December 21, 2015