“Whether you’re purchasing a $1,500 gaming laptop or a $200 Chromebook, the brand matters,” LAPTOP Magazine writes. “That’s why we rate the top 10 laptop brands each year, based on their support, design, innovation, value/selection and, most of all, product quality.”

“For 2018, Lenovo retained its place for a second year as the best laptop vendor, but it just barely edged out second-place HP and third-place Dell,” LAPTOP Magazine writes. “Apple, which used to dominate this contest, fell all the way to seventh place, down from fifth last year.”

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Apple just doesn’t seem as focused on its laptop business as it used to be,” LAPTOP Magazine writes. “The company did nothing to innovate or even tweak its designs in the past year, and only one of the company’s laptops earned an Editors’ Choice award. However, Tim Cook’s company still has the best tech support you can get.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When you’re unfocused, mismanaged, and confused, it eventually shows in your products.

That said, LAPTOP Magazine ignores a major part of a laptop computer, the operating system, which — even given Apple’s current lack of focus, mismanagement, and confusion — makes any Apple laptop #1 by a wide margin.

Some publications and pundits equate smearing fingers around on laptop displays with “innovation” and award bad ideas like that many points in their rankings. They are even more confused than the three interns that Tim Cook has left in charge of Apple’s Mac division.

Apple’s laptops have hit rock bottom – April 20, 2018