“Creating an excellent ebook on your Mac — without being locked into sharing it only through the iBooks Store – is now almost as simple as exporting a file,” Nathan Alderman writes for iMore. “Apple’s latest version of Pages adds robust support for EPUB3 files, letting you turn nearly any document into an ebook ready to sell via iBooks, quickly convert for Kindle, or just share with friends, family, or classmates.”

“This new update makes Pages the easiest way I’ve yet found to turn out high-quality ebooks on your Mac,” Alderman writes. “Even if you don’t regularly use Pages, you may want to give it a try just for this feature.”

“Before you begin: Fixed or reflowable?” Alderman writes. “What kind of book do you want to publish? For text-heavy books like short stories or novels, use a reflowable template, which changes each book’s layout and page count to accommodate the screen size of the device on which it’s being read. Reflowable templates can include images, as long as they’re inline with the rest of the text. But if you want to incorporate lots of images, and preserve your page layouts on any device, use a fixed template instead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Creating ebooks really doesn’t get an easier than using Pages on your Mac!

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