“It’s been nearly two years since the Opera launched a free VPN built into its browser, a VPN that would later come to both Android and iOS devices,” Tom Pritchard reports for Gizmodo UK.

“The key thing about Opera VPN was that it was free, with the company promising it would remain free until the end of time,” Pritchard reports. “Well except that last part isn’t exactly true, because Opera has confirmed the VPN will be shut down on 30th April.”

“The good news is that anyone who did hand over their money for Opera VPN Gold will get a free upgrade to SurfEasy Ultra, a VPN service previously owned by Opera Software that was sold to Symantec (of Norton fame) last year,” Pritchard reports. “It’s also promising that Opera Gold users on iOS will be able to migrate to the new service from the latest version of the Opera VPN app. Android users have no such luck because, well, Opera Gold doesn’t seem to have ever been released on the platform.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There is no such thing as perpetual free lunches.

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