“Hiral Tipirneni dresses in scrubs, wraps a stethoscope around her neck, and looks seriously at medical charts in her latest campaign ad,” Philip Wegmann reports for The Washington Examiner. “It looks less like political messaging and more like something out of ‘ER,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ or any number of the glamorized medical soaps that dominate prime time.”

Wegmann reports, “But there is a glaring flaw in Tipirneni’s ensemble: She is wearing an Apple Watch.”

“That game-changing technological timepiece was unveiled in 2015, and that’s bad news for the Democrat running for a vacant House seat in Arizona’s special congressional election. Tipirneni hasn’t seen a single patient since 2007,” Wegmann reports. “As local ABC15 reports, Tipirneni settled a malpractice lawsuit months before hanging up her stethoscope. She was sued in 2001 by a Phoenix woman who claimed that Tipirneni failed to give her a tetanus shot while treating a leg wound. According to that woman’s lawyer, she contracted tetanus, slipped into a coma, and later suffered kidney failure as a result.”

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“Republicans questioned Tipirneni’s authenticity for dressing in doctor’s garb for her campaign videos even though she has been out of practice since 2007,” Griffin Connolly reports for Roll Call. “‘It’s disingenuous,’ said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. ‘Hiral wants voters to believe she’s something other than who she really is: a former physician sued for malpractice who turned to a cushy job making millions hawking Obamacare instead.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: More free publicity for Apple Watch!

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