“Pages 7 is the latest in a series of ongoing and gradual improvements to the 2013 ‘reboot’ of Apple’s iWork suite or productivity apps, which also includes Numbers and Keynote,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “That reboot rewrote the apps from the ground up, but also omitted features that users had relied upon for years.”

“Over time, many of these features were restored even as the apps expanded what they did in other areas,” Fleishman writes. “Pages 7 continues on this path. While it’s numbered as a major release to keep it in harmony with Pages for iOS, the iOS release has a greater number of significant additions.”

“The flagship change includes book templates for interactive EPUB ebooks, allowing an end-to-end workflow for creating rich digital documents without the compromise of starting with templates and pages designed for printer output, even after all these years,” Fleishman writes. “Pages 7 for macOS is a significant bump up for people who routinely produce documents shared digitally, whether as PDF or in EPUB ebook format.”

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Apple’s iWork update brings drawing, book creation and more to Pages, Numbers and Keynote – March 27, 2018