“Apple thinks it is critically important that everyone learn how to code. It may not help you in your job directly, but it teaches useful skills and creates a basic knowledge of the fundamental workings of the products and tools we all use every day,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “It’s not just something kids should do at school, but an important part of an ongoing education for adults.”

“So, the company created an initiative called Everyone Can Code that aims to make it easy for anyone, from kids to adults, to learn the basics of writing code,” Cross writes. “And it all starts with Swift Playgrounds, a cute iPad app that teaches the fundamentals of coding in a way so simple even young kids can grasp it.”

“I am not a young kid,” Cross writes. “I’m 43, and I have been glued to computers since my first Apple II. I decided to run through the Swift Playgrounds activities to see if it can teach an old dog new tricks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Swift Playgrounds is great for teaching the concepts of coding to all ages. After that, it’s Xcode for real coding.

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