“Apple’s reported move to use its own chips instead of Intel’s products for its PC business will boost its financials, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch,” Tae Kim reports for CNBC.

“Bloomberg reported Monday that Apple plans to ditch Intel chips and opt for an in-house offering for its Mac computers beginning in 2020,” Kim reports. “The ‘insourcing of chips could benefit Apple by not being dependent on Intel’s processor cycles, by lowering the Mac costed bill-of-materials by ~$40-50, and by potentially streamlining and reducing R&D spend,’ analyst Wamsi Mohan wrote in a note to clients Monday.”

“The analyst estimates Apple may save $500 million a year if it uses its own chips for half of its Mac PCs,” Kim reports. “He predicts the company will gradually use its own offerings across its product lines, initially starting with low-end Mac laptops.”

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