“I’m on the outskirts of Cupertino in California, visiting a gargantuan building that looks like a spaceship: a newly built, glass-walled office that has recently become home to the £650 billion Apple empire,” Naomi Campbell writes for Vogue. “It might have cost £3.6 billion, but as I head to the canteen for a very special audience, Apple Park looks exactly like the friendly face of a tech revolution – after all, that’s what has made it the most valuable brand in the world.”

“he architect of the Apple universe is Jony Ive: a 51-year-old industrial designer from Essex, who has become a part of every Apple consumer’s life,” Campbell writes. “Here’s what happened when I sat down with Jony in the Cupertino canteen to talk about his incredible career and the power of seeing things differently.”

Two snippets from Jony Ive:

[Steve Jobs and I] looked at the world in the same way: we’d struggle to perceive things, we’d argue in our own heads, and we were very conscious about the conclusions we came to. We started working together in 1997, and he was just remarkable. As time goes on, I appreciate him more, and miss him more; how truly extraordinary he was becomes clearer. Steve understood the creative process in a way that’s extremely rare, but he also understood how you make a company with lots of people.

• Ultimately, Steve’s legacy is a set of values and, I think, the belief in trying. Often the quietest voices are the easiest to overlook, but he was brilliant at listening as well as leading and speaking. A lot of communication is listening – not just listening to figure out what you want to say in response.

The full interview is here.

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