“Apple’s first major event of the year kicks off on Tuesday, March 27,” Raymond Wong writes for Mashable. “The event at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep High School won’t be your typical auditorium-packed keynote spectacle. The ‘field trip,’ as Apple’s calling it, will focus instead on education — specifically on ‘creative new ideas for teachers and students.’ And when Apple talks education, you can bet the iPad will be front and center.”

“Though Apple has had a long relationship with educational institutions and continues to make investments and partnerships in academia, its ambitions with iPad in schools hasn’t become the runaway success story as originally pitched,” Wong writes. “Rewind to 2013 and you’ll see how optimistic Apple was about iPad in schools. The Los Angeles School Board of Education had just approved a $30 million deal to kit every student in the second-largest public school district in the U.S. with Apple’s tablet, loaded with custom digital curriculums designed by Pearson… L.A.’s complete failure to deploy iPads — the entire thing was scandalous from every direction — to students dashed all hope of schools in other states adopting a similar iPad-based curriculum.”

“On Tuesday, Apple could right its lopsided ship in the education seas. The latest report from Bloomberg‘s reliable Mark Gurman claims Apple will release an even cheaper iPad (rumors peg it at around $259) for schools that could make them more attractive than Chromebooks,” Wong writes. “Of course, a new iPad is only part of the equation… There’s a new ‘Classroom 2.2’ app that lets teachers use the iPad as a teaching assistant for guiding students through lessons. The software also has a ‘ClassKit’ framework that’ll let developers of education apps “create student evaluation features” and let users ‘answer questionnaires that will be automatically transmitted to teachers remotely via iCloud’ according to 9to5Mac.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: An “education” iPad, bundled with a rugged case and physical keyboard and with enough RAM for a change, would go a long, long way to delivering iOS to classrooms interested in teaching and learning as opposed to those looking for nothing but disposable test-taking machines.

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