“Every year soon after WWDC, I install the beta of the upcoming version of iOS on my devices and embark on an experiment: I try to use Apple’s stock apps and services as much as possible for three months, then evaluate which ones have to be replaced with third-party alternatives after September,” Federico Viticci writes for MacStories. “My reasoning for going through these repetitive stages on an annual basis is simple: to me, it’s the only way to build the first-hand knowledge necessary for my iOS reviews.”

“Besides the research-driven nature of my experiments, I often preferred third-party offerings to Apple’s as I felt like they provided me with something Apple was not delivering,” Viticci writes. “Since the end of last year, however, I’ve been witnessing a gradual shift that made me realize my relationship with Apple’s hardware and software has changed. I’ve progressively gotten deeper in the Apple ecosystem and I don’t feel like I’m being underserved by some aspects of it anymore.”

“I feel comfortable using Apple’s services and hardware extensively not because I’ve given up on searching for third-party products, but because I’ve tried them all,” Viticci writes. “Over time, I’ve come to understand that it’s important for me to have all my devices work together without micromanaging them. And after years of experiments, I’ve realized that the Apple ecosystem, despite the occasional stumble, gets rid of the complexities and limitations that stressed me out in other products that are not as integrated as Apple’s. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to use Apple apps everywhere: I still seek out alternatives in the areas where I feel Apple is not delivering enough value. However, especially for hardware and the all-encompassing iCloud service3, today I’m okay treating the Apple ecosystem as my baseline.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup. All-Apple, while not perfect (can we please have Messages in iCloud soon, for crying out loud!), is the most stress-free tech existence. We laugh at the machinations the fragmandroid crowd attempts and has to deal with daily to get a slim subset of everything Apple’s macOS + iOS + watchOS + tvOS ecosystem offers!