“Apple is reportedly taking steps to design and manufacture its own display components for the first time, as it looks to reduce its dependence on suppliers such as Samsung Electronics, while keeping its component costs in check,” Trefis Team writes for Forbes. “Bloomberg reports that the tech behemoth is using a secret production facility located near its headquarters to make screens that use next-generation MicroLED technology.”

“The OLED display module on Apple’s iPhone X, which is sourced from Samsung, is reported to cost as much as $110 per unit, up from around $40 for the LCD display on the previous generation iPhone 7,” Trefis writes. “Apple has the financial and technical resources to undertake the development of new technology, and this could pay off in the long run.”

“Advanced displays are generally a big selling point for modern smartphones, and Apple has so far largely relied on off-the-shelf display components,” Trefis writes. “By developing and potentially controlling next generation MicroLED technology, which could make future products thinner, brighter and more battery-efficient, Apple could take on rivals like Samsung more directly, while controlling manufacturing costs and improving its margins.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thinner, brighter and more battery-efficient are all sought-after improvements, but anything that also hurts slavish copier Samsung in the process would be a welcome bonus!

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