“A video leaked on Thursday that allegedly showed Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE 2 for the first time ever,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “The handset pictured in the video bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone X, but it appear to be smaller. In place of the rounded stainless steel that wraps around the perimeter of the iPhone X, this phone has flattened aluminum just like the current iPhone SE.”

“On the front is what appears to be an ‘all-screen’ design with a notch that is definitely in line with the iPhone X. A vertically oriented dual-lens camera that’s also similar to the iPhone X’s design can be found on the back. The phone is powered on and operational in the video, and it certainly appears to be running iOS,” Epstein reports.

“About a week ago, I was sent iPhone SE 2 sketches by a source that has provided me with reliable information many times in the past,” Epstein reports. “I immediately began searching for additional sources to confirm the design pictured in those sketches, but then this leaked video popped up — and the phone pictured in the video looks almost exactly like the sketches I received last week.”

Read more, and see the sketches, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hmmm… Would Apple really have an iPhone SE with TrueDepth on the market along with the iPhone 8/Plus and their rather antiquated Home buttons? (Technically, the SE came after the 8/Plus, so it would be explainable, at least. And, don’t get us wrong, we’re all for killing Home buttons across the board as quickly as possible; we’re just not sure Apple can do it this quickly.)

And, if they do release an iPhone SE with the reportedly pricey TrueDepth components, can the hit a decent price for the SE with that advanced tech package aboard? We’ll likely find out soon enough as the new SE is rumored to appear in the first half of the year.