“Apple’s Web site makes the iPad sound like a gift of God for graphics, but the company hardly mentions the iPad’s main purpose for some of us: reading books,” Charles Maurer writes for TidBITS. “Nor I have ever heard of anyone who switched on a new iPad, saw the screen, and exclaimed: ‘What a pleasant way to read! Surely I ought to empty my bookcases and put all of my books onto this.'”

“I suspect the marketing moguls at Apple do not care much about reading books, because if they did, they could set it up to induce that reaction,” Maurer writes. “Indeed, after fiddling with the settings and buying some cheap apps, my wife Daphne and I both find ourselves preferring the iPad to paper.”

Maurer writes, “Not only do we buy ebooks by choice, we have even found ourselves buying ebooks to replace hardcovers on our shelves, because reading on the iPad is quicker and easier.”

Tons more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s a lot in the full article which makes us want to set our Kindle Paperwhites aside to the give our iPads another chance for reading!