“Today the HomePod is all about music, but it could be so much more,” Ryan Christoffel writes for MacStories. “In a pre-Amazon Echo world, HomePod being a great Apple Music speaker would have been enough. But in 2018 we expect more from smart speakers, and we expect more from Apple.”

“Due to its arrival date more than three years after the birth of Alexa, we expected a smarter, more capable product. We expected the kind of product the HomePod should be: a smart speaker that’s heavy on the smarts. Apple nailed certain aspects with its 1.0: the design, sound quality, and setup are all excellent. But that’s not enough,” Christoffel writes. “HomePod isn’t a bad product today, but it could become a great one.”

“How? By becoming a true hub for all our Apple-centric needs,” Christoffel writes. “Siri’s reach should extend to everything branded Apple; if a service or device is made by Apple, Siri needs to have deep ties into it. For this to happen, Siri on the HomePod not only needs access to all the knowledge of every other Siri, but it also needs to gain an understanding of all Apple services and devices – thus becoming a veritable center of all Apple-related intelligence.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, but this is Tim Cook’s Apple we’re talking about here, not Steve Jobs’.

So, regarding Christoffel’s list: If you love life, don’t hold your breath waiting for Apple to deliver any of it.

At this rate (glacial), we’d settle for HomePod getting multi-room support and stereo paring capability before the year is out.

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