“New data surrounding the iPhone’s dominance has been release[d], and while the ‘super cycle’ didn’t come in volume, my goodness, it has come in terms of dollars,” Ophir Gottlieb writes for Seeking Alpha. “Apple did something very odd with its iPhone X super phone — it held it back. The company first released the iPhone 8, and delayed its release of the $1,000 phone.”

“That was hotly contested and it was a huge risk. Analysts still disagree about the outcome, even though the outcome is now an observable fact (we saw sales and earnings). The idea that consumers would pay up more than $1,000 for a phone was risky, and it was yet riskier to let people ‘opt out’ by just going with iPhone 8,” Gottlieb writes. “But, the real movement for Apple last quarter was the astonishing rise in its average selling price (ASP) per iPhone.”

“This cycle (quarter) saw a huge pop out of a pretty tight range. The big jump is because of the $999 super-premium iPhone X, which costs nearly $240 more than the iPhone 7 Plus, which was previously Apple’s most expensive phone. CEO Tim Cook said: ‘Honestly speaking, there’s no comparison in the revenue, it’s hugely different. In a positive way, obviously,'” Gottlieb writes. “For now, the arguments can stop — Apple had a super cycle — it was in revenue, and that led to the largest single quarter of earnings ever by a public company. Apple beat another mega cap’s record… Apple. And it also dethroned the number three spot, which was Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “In a positive way, obviously.” 🙂

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