“I bought Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro last year when it launched because I thought I’d use it for work, taking notes and watching movies,” Todd Haselton writes for Forbes. “Now I’m selling it, because I bought an iPhone X and found out it does everything I need from an iPad, and more.”

“The 5.8-inch screen on the iPhone X is big enough for everything I thought I needed a larger screen for,” Haselton writes. “And, compared with both the iPhone 8 Plus and 10.5-inch iPad, it’s more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. Movies and games are still just as immersive, and the stereo speakers provide really good audio when I’m watching or playing them.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s just silly. A 5.8-inch display is not “just as immersive” as a 10.5-inch display. Not to mention that the iPad Pro offers a ProMotion display with a stunning 120Hz refresh rate, while the iPhone X does not.

“I also thought the 10.5-inch iPad Pro would be great for taking notes, but I’ve found that I barely ever use it or the Apple Pencil that works with it,” Haselton writes. “For example, say I wanted to take notes at a meeting. I had to take the iPad Pro in my backpack, pull it out and set it up on a table. Then, because my handwriting isn’t perfect, there’s no guarantee I’d be able to read my notes later. It’s a lot less cumbersome and more reliable just to pull my iPhone out of my pocket and take notes with the digital keyboard, then access them later on my laptop through iCloud. Plus, with my iPhone I don’t have to worry about a hotspot or tethering to a mobile device, since I bought the cheaper iPad Pro that doesn’t have a built-in cellular connection.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not iPad Pro’s fault that all you seem to use a handheld computer for is watching movies, playing games and taking notes or that you inexplicably don’t use iPad Pro’s soft keyboard (hint, it works the same as iPhone’s).

“Finally, I can’t really use iPad Pro for work, since it doesn’t support the online content management system we use to write and post articles at CNBC,” Haselton writes. “That means I need to carry a laptop anyway. It’s just not worth carrying another large form-factor device… So, for now, my 10.5-inch iPad Pro is for sale. What once fit wonderfully into my lifestyle is no longer needed. Funny it was cannibalized by an iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Blaming Apple for CNBC’s limitations. Go tit. (Typo and it’s staying.).

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, here’s a nice contender for Stupid Article of the Week.

We can’t wait for Todd’s next gem: I’m selling my new BMW because I live in NYC next door to the office and I don’t know how to drive.

The iPhone X is the best smartphone Apple, and therefore anyone, has ever made, but it can’t adequately replace an iPad Pro for people who actually need and know how to use an iPad Pro.