“Before Steve Jobs dominated the tech industry, he was just a regular guy looking for a job,” Abrar Al-Heeti reports for CNET. “After dropping out of Reed College only six months after enrolling for the 1972 fall semester, he stuck around the Portland campus for a year and a half to audit courses on calligraphy, dance and Shakespeare.”

“In 1973, he filled out a job application for an unspecified position, which is now being auctioned by RR Auction,” Al-Heeti reports. “The company estimates its worth at more than $50,000.”

“The one-page application isn’t as put-together as one might expect from the man who co-founded Apple three years later. Under address, Jobs hand-wrote ‘reed college’ (lowercase). His major, ‘english, lit,’ also wasn’t capitalized,” Al-Heeti reports. “When asked about access to transportation, he wrote, ‘possible, but not probable.'”

“A Mac OS X technical manual signed by Jobs in 2001 will also be auctioned, as will a signed newspaper clipping from 2008 about Jobs speaking at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference,” Al-Heeti reports. “Those items are valued at more than $25,000 and $15,000, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “possible, but not probable.” Oh, Steve, you make us laugh!