“I must warn you that after reading this article and watching the video below you’ll probably never use a credit card reader or ATM again without first pulling on the keypad,” Matthew Humphries reports for PC Magazine. “And it’s not actually a bad idea to do so because of how stealthy skimmers have become.”

“As Krebs on Security reports, the latest way your card details can be stolen is through the use of ‘overlay skimmers,'” Humphries reports. “They take the form of a keypad that hides the card detail-capturing components behind a plastic casing. The keypads are then stuck over the top of either ATM keypads or the the card readers now typically found in checkout lanes.”

“Police in Lower Pottsgrove, PA are currently searching for a couple of men who have been installing these overlay skimmers on checkout lane card readers in Aldi supermarkets,” Humphries reports. “As the video below shows, installation simply requires a few seconds of interaction with the reader.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason why smart customers use their Apple Watches and/or iPhones to pay with Apple Pay, not by swiping a credit card.