“The HomePod was never preordained to be a blockbuster for Apple. Sure, the smart speaker has received overwhelmingly positive marks for sound quality, but the product is a bit late to the game, after both Amazon and Google have launched major offensives,” Brian Heater reports for TechCrunch. “The company also got dinged for its relatively limited Siri functionality at launch.”

“By one metric, however, Apple’s first assistant-focused device seems to [be doing] just fine, thank you very much — or at the very least, living up to the company’s expectations,” Heater reports. “Apple’s site is currently sold out of the product, a day ahead of launch.”

Heater reports, “Those who got in early, however, have started getting shipping notifications for a February 9 delivery.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, there’s no way to know if this is due to demand or supply issues, the latter of which, as HomePods lateness to the point of missing Christmas by nearly two months attests, is certainly a possibility.

Regardless, the reviews of HomePod’s sound quality are uniformly excellent. The sound quality alone is a tremendous value at a mere $349 as HomePod is said to sound markedly better than speakers costing significantly more.

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