“That Apple does things in its own sweet time is no new discovery. But even by its own standards, the company has arrived late to the wireless speaker party,” What Hi-Fi? writes. “But being late is perfectly acceptable if you’re the life and soul when you arrive – and that’s pretty much the story with the HomePod.”

“Despite some flaws and limitations, the HomePod is the best-sounding smart speaker available – and by quite a margin,” What Hi-Fi? writes. “When combined with Siri’s reinvention as your personal DJ/musical guru, it makes for an endlessly entertaining all-in-one system. Assuming you’re already deep in the Apple ecosystem, that is.”

MacDailyNews Take: We are, very thankfully and happily so.

“Having started with an entirely clean slate and apparently worked on concepts for years (HomePod has been in development since 2012), Apple eventually settled on having the tweeters at the bottom and the woofer at the top – the exact opposite of the arrangement found in most traditional speakers,” What Hi-Fi? writes. “Embedded in the underside of the top panel, shielded from the bassy battering it receives from the woofer below, is Apple’s A8 chip… for a wireless speaker it’s quite the powerhouse… It analyses the speaker’s surroundings and the music being played to ensure you always hear the HomePod at its best.”

Apple's all-new HomePod

Apple’s all-new HomePod

“If it’s in free space, sound will be dispersed equally around the speaker, but if it’s close to a back wall the HomePod will actively split out some of the more ambient elements of your music and bounce them off the rear surface while projecting the vocals and more direct sounds straight into the room. It’s clever stuff,” What Hi-Fi? writes. “Wherever you place the speaker, it is constantly analysing the music you play and dynamically tuning the sound, from bass to treble, to deliver the track as intended.”

“The big pro is that Siri is surprisingly good here. Apple has clearly tailored Siri for music over the last year or so, and in concert with Apple Music’s superior curation engine it makes for rewarding interactions in a musical context,” What Hi-Fi? writes. “The result is you’re regularly surprised and delighted by Siri’s choices, as you would be a friend who knows what you may like. This really elevates the HomePod experience over that offered by Alexa and Google.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another winning review for HomePod and even Siri, of all things, gets some praise for a change, too!

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