“Not only was Apple’s holiday quarter of 2017 a hard compare to previous year’s numbers because of three flagship models, but the year-ago quarter had an extra sales week,” Mike Wuerthele and Malcolm Owen report for AppleInsider. “Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2018 was a blockbuster. Apple broke its revenue record it posted a year ago, and posted revenue of $88.3 billion dollars. The results were built on the foundation of 77.3 million iPhones sold in the quarter — led by the iPhone X.”

“The only thing that it may have disappointed on was that 77.3 million iPhone sales volume,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “But in the 14-week quarter a year ago, Apple generated $5.60 billion in revenue per week, with it topping $6.79 billion a week in the most recent holiday quarter.”

“In the U.S., companies report on a quarterly basis, so we periodically get a quarter that’s one week longer than the previous one, with the resultant mathematical oddities and bad compares,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “Coupling with what Apple is predicting for this quarter, combined with looking at the holiday’s sales data on a quarterly or weekly basis just takes a different angle of approach to what Apple has said all along —that there is no wavering in the strength of the iPhone X because of a hypothetical weak demand, as poorly predicted by Nikkei and other prognosticators.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gotta love those 14-week quarters!

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