“In case it wasn’t already really clear, Apple is really, really sorry about slowing down old iPhones with creaky batteries, and it’s taking steps — ALL the steps — to make things right,” Raymond Wong writes for Mashable. “Upset iPhone owners can already get a new battery replacement at a reduced $29 cost, and Apple has pledged to release a software update that’ll show people the health of their batteries and let them turn any performance optimization on or off.”

“Said software update will be a great way to pacify the angry mob,” Wong writes, “but it’s also a bad idea.”

“By all accounts, this is a huge win for consumers. For once, Apple’s giving users a way to control how a core function of the iPhone works,” Wong writes. “This is where I think Apple might be backing itself into a corner. By caving into consumer demand to add this performance switch, it’s ceding partial control of the hardware and software to users. This is a bridge Apple should think twice about crossing. Apple is basically telling customers it no longer knows what’s best for your iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As has been proven with startling consistency for the world’s most valuable company with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal, Apple makes – and, even under Steve Jobs, made – plenty of mistakes. Apple doesn’t always know best (see your Apple TV Siri Remote).

Giving users some additional control won’t kill them – or Apple.

Apple should provide a toggle switch in Settings where users specify if they’d like to keep running at high processor speeds even if it means rapid shutdowns or if they’d like to run at lower processor speeds to accommodate an aging battery that requires replacement.MacDailyNews, December 27, 2017

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