“President Donald Trump said Thursday he personally called Apple CEO Tim Cook to thank him for his company’s pledge to reward its employees and invest $350 billion into the U.S. economy in coming years, with the president crediting the GOP tax legislation as the impetus for the move,” Cristiano Lima reports for Politico.

“‘Apple just announced they are giving their employees tax-cut bonuses,’ Trump said during a visit to a manufacturing plant in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. ‘I just called Tim Cook and I thanked him,'” Lima reports. “Apple reportedly also told its employees on Wednesday that it would issue bonuses of $2,500 in restricted stock units, a measure Trump praised in Pennsylvania. Numerous employers have announced in recent weeks that they’d be offering their employees bonuses, with many attributing it to the Republican tax plan.”

“‘I said I will not consider our economic situation complete until we get Apple to start building some of those massive plants in the United States,’ Trump said,” Lima reports. “Cook told ABC News on Wednesday… ‘There are two parts of the tax bill. There’s a corporate piece and an individual piece. I do believe the corporate-tax side will result in job creation and a faster-growing economy.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping Cook is right and we see continued U.S. job creation and economic growth!

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