“The commute for thousands of Apple employees just got a whole lot longer,” Jack Morse reports for Mashable. “The tech giant runs shuttle buses full of employees from San Francisco to its headquarters in Cupertino every day, and, according to a source inside the company, someone is attacking those buses — and breaking windows. ”

“On an internal Apple email thread viewed by Mashable, one Apple employee speculated that the culprit may be firing ‘rubber rounds’ at the buses. At least one of the buses only had the outer pane of its double-paned windows broken,” Morse reports. “In response, late Tuesday night, Apple emailed employees to alert them that an untold number of shuttles would be rerouted, adding 30 to 45 minutes to riders’ commute.”

“Mashable has reached out to both Apple and the local police to confirm whether the shuttles were being shot at, and we will update this when we hear back. At the time of publication, Apple and the local police were not able to confirm what object was shattering the windows,” Morse reports. “It could, of course, be rocks — but even rocks thrown at a moving vehicle on the highway could result in tragedy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully the perpetrator(s) are quickly caught and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.