“Permit me to nerd out on an essential barometer of Apple Inc.’s financial health that the company should revive, but likely won’t,” Shira Ovide writes for Bloomberg Gadfly.

“That metric is the share of iPhone owners who buy one of Apple’s latest models — this year, the iPhone 8 line and the iPhone X,” Ovide writes. “In the glory days of Apple’s iPhone 6 sales boom beginning in late 2014, the company regularly disclosed the percentage of iPhone owners who made a repeat purchase. The figures spotlighted both how loyal iPhone fans were, and how much more sales growth was left.”

“That was then. For the last two years, Apple has kept this information to itself. If the company wants to show there’s still plenty of life left in its biggest product, it should bring back this upgrade disclosure,” Ovide writes. “Why? There are three sources of iPhone sales: people who have never owned a smartphone, folks with Android or other smartphones who are switching, and those who already own an iPhone and are buying a newer one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s no need to give competitors even more valuable information. Let them keep guessing along with the analysts.