“In the wake of security problems with wi-fi security in 2017, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that not only will it ‘enhance’ WPA 2, but a new security protocol, WPA3, will debut at some point in 2018 that will require hardware certification before it can be used in networking gear,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“The boosts to the specification’s quality assurance will ‘reduce the potential for vulnerabilities due to network misconfiguration’ and ‘further safeguard managed networks with centralized authentication services’ according to the group,” Wuerthele reports. ” It is not yet clear if new hardware will be required to implement the protections of WPA3 —but it seems probable. Hardware must be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance to use WPA3.”

“Also not clear is how or if Apple could adapt it’s aging AirPort hardware to the new security protocol. While Apple’s routers are still available for sale, the last upgrade to the hardware was made in June 2013, and Apple has cleared out the dedicated AirPort hardware division,” Wuerthele reports. “However, Apple has continued to update the family’s firmware, and has told AppleInsider that it will keep the AirPort ‘”as safe as possible for as long as possible.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve replaced our older Apple Airport Extreme (which Apple released on June 10, 2013 and is still inexplicably calling “all-new” on their website) based Wi-Fi systems with Eero mesh units in our homes and offices. We’re seeing significant, very noticeable increases in Wi-Fi speed and range. Eero is the Wi-Fi system that Apple should’ve made.

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