“I can’t remember the last time I resorted to looking up a business in a telephone book. CES is sort of the same thing; it’s like renting a DVD from a store or flipping over a cassette to use the other side of the tape,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “It’s actually been three years since I wrote anything substantial about CES, and that was my 15 year history of how very little of real importance was every delivered at the event, particularly when compared to Apple’s annual launches of new products and technologies that dropped with industry-shifting significance every year.”

“CES is basically a series of press releases, delivered in person inside of a very large room,” Dilger writes. “It’s like a live action version of a tech journalist’s inbox, but with literal shouting rather than just unsolicited emails using emboldened all caps.”

“Occasionally, there are minor novel products, new updates and tech trends at CES that are worthy of a passing note, just as with one’s spam box. However, the less experienced the journalist is, the more substantial all of those messages seem to be,” Dilger writes. “These things are all novel and sort of interesting, but could just as well be discovered in a trip to the Apple Store or browsing an online catalog. None will garner the adoption of AirPods…”

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MacDailyNews Take: CES has been all flash and little substance for many years. It’s rare that anything meaningful is revealed at CES.

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