“Apple Inc.’s recent admission that it secretly slowed down older iPhones with aging batteries has led to widespread outrage, a proliferation of lawsuits and an unusually abject corporate apology,” Adam Minter writes for Bloomberg View. “But it’s possible that this episode could end up being a significant opportunity for Apple — if it finally rethinks some long-held assumptions.”

“‘Batterygate,’ as it’s been dubbed, certainly looks like a disaster. Apple says it simply slowed down the phones to prevent them from crashing, and is offering users $29 battery replacements (instead of the usual $79) to make amends,” Minter writes. “But that will be costly: By one estimate, it will result in about 16 million fewer upgrades in 2018. Demand for replacements has grown so quickly that waiting lists now stretch for weeks.”

“Yet that’s just where the opportunity comes in. Customers are clearly fed up with the relentless upgrade cycle that Apple has long profited from, and would happily pay to extend the lives of their phones rather than shell out for new ones,” Minter writes. “Learning to meet that demand will be crucial if Apple hopes to conquer emerging markets and lure a new generation of customers — and batterygate may be just the wakeup call it needed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We do not foresee Apple selling spare part batteries and sanctioning battery repairs to unauthorized repair shops and/or end users as Minter calls for.

Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous (See just today: Apple store in Zurich evacuated as iPhone battery overheats) and only competent replacement by Apple authorized service technicians should be allowed. We do not want to be on a plane with DYI replacement lithium-ion batteries jammed into smartphones by Joe and Jane Sixpack. It’s bad enough that there are God only knows how many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units still out there.

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