“Apple is vexed with the problem of excessive customer satisfaction, particularly in the troublesome demographic of young users,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “That’s the latest hot take reaction to the issue of kids being given permissive parental approval to stay up all night on their iOS devices, leaving them sleep deprived and distracted.”

“Apple’s parental controls on iOS are focused on limiting access to content and specific apps, but the company already has tools in place to enforce parents’ wishes on the Mac,” Dilger writes. “It just needs to bring these to iOS.”

“What’s still missing [in iOS] is time, date and bedtime hours restrictions that are available under Parental Controls on Macs,” Dilger writes. “The controls on Apple’s desktop platform also include limiting web browsing to specific sites, emailing to specific contacts, and can limit a child’s account to using the “Simple Finder,” which effectively restricts what a young user can do in various ways.”

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MacDailyNews Note: How to set up and use macOS High Sierra’s Parental Controls here.

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