“Ominous, high-hanging icicles have turned Apple’s sleek, MacBook-inspired waterfront store in Chicago into a potentially perilous environment,” Mark Kaufman reports for Mashable.

“Apple has cordoned off, with caution tape and signage, vulnerable areas where the sharp ice could fall,” Kaufman reports. “Chicago blogger Matt Maldre first spotted the architectural mishap, brought on by this winter’s severe Arctic blast.”

“The building… apparently lacks much winter utility, notably for a place specifically designed for public gathering, conducive to a social, urbanite atmosphere,” Kaufman reports. “There are no gutters to catch falling snow or ice. Nor is the roof sloping, so icicles that do form aren’t dangling from 20 some feet overhead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oops, now Apple’s bird-killing machine is going after people!

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution suggestion for Apple:

Return to thinking things all the way through and sweating even the tiniest details.

That’s what we pay you for.

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