“A Reddit post over the weekend has drawn a flurry of interest after an iPhone 6s owner reported that a battery replacement significantly increased the device’s performance running iOS 11,” Tim Hardwick writes for MacRumors. “The ensuing discussion thread, also picked up by readers in the MacRumors forum, has led to speculation that Apple intentionally slows down older phones to retain a full day’s charge if the battery has degraded over time. ”

“Reports that the performance of iPhone 6 series models can be improved by replacing the battery aren’t entirely new, but the suggestion that Apple is intentionally throttling the performance of older devices, for whatever reason, is bound to cause controversy,” Hardwick writes. “We’ve contacted Apple for comment or clarification. ”

Hardwick writes, “In the meantime, users interested in checking their phone’s performance are also using the free CpuDasherX app to compare running clock speeds (a factory iPhone 6s comes in at 1,848MHz, for example).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Things that make you go hmmm.

We’ll wait for more concrete information on this one.