“Computers are ubiquitous, and you’ve probably had an instance where you are using a computer in one place and you need to access a computer in another location,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.

“For example, you’re at a coffee shop with a laptop, and you need something from the desktop computer in your home office,” Fleishman writes. “You might even want to give people you know the ability to access a computer when they are away. This ability is called remote access.”

Macworld reader Sandy has three remote access scenarios she’d like to get set up:

• One contractor accessing an iMac remotely to use QuickBooks on the iMac. But that contractor is using Windows.
• Another contractor who has a Mac and needs to access a different iMac on a daily basis.
• The first iMac might sometimes need to be accessed remotely by the second contractor and by Sandy.

What to do?

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MacDailyNews Take: Makes us even more glad that we’re smartly all-Mac!