In June, Apple “updated its business-grade MacBook Pro tablets to include Intel’s freshest Kaby Lake processors,” Adam Shepherd writes for IT PRO. “The 2016 MacBook Pro was already one of the most impressive laptops of last year, and the addition of an extra performance boost is the icing on the cake.”

“True to Apple’s form, the screen on the MacBook Pro is absolutely stunning. Both contrast and brightness are superb, and images are beautifully crisp on that 2,560 x 1,600 resolution retina display,” Shepherd writes. “Colours production is also just as impressive. Apple has opted for a wider DCI P3 colour gamut, which translates to a much richer and more accurate representation of colours than most other notebooks on the market. We really can’t fault the MacBook Pro’s display, and it’s surely going to be a winner for anyone needing a photo and video editing workhorse.”

“The MacBook Pro’s keyboard is one of its more contentious aspects. The MacBook Pro’s keys have an also imperceptible travel time, and alongside a feather-light actuation force, pressing a key requires hardly any effort. While some will laud the keyboard as one of the best on the market, for those used to mechanical keyboards with plenty of feedback, the change may be too jarring. While it’s incredibly easy to touch type on the MacBook Pro, be ready to ease up on how hard you press the keys, otherwise you risk wearing your fingers to the bone,” Shepherd writes. “The MacBook Pro’s trackpad is another highlight, providing plenty of room to manoeuvre while offering appropriate sensitivity levels that let you move to the edges of the screen without having to reposition your finger.”

“Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro was one of the best laptops of last year, and a beefed-up CPU ensures that it can still keep pace with any other ultrabook on the market,” Shepherd writes. “You’d better be prepared to pony up a pretty penny for all that power and performance, but if you’ve got the cash, you won’t find a better laptop.”

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Apple updates iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro – June 5, 2017