“I think it’s time to admit that Apple’s insane, convention-breaking bet on delivering an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the astonishing iPhone X all within weeks of each other was a winning strategy,” Lance Ulanoff writes for Mashable. “Even before Apple officially unveiled its ‘future phone,’ analysts were sounding the alarm, worrying that all the potentially new technology — OLED screen, TrueDepth image module, facial recognition, premium materials — might slow down production so much that supplies would be incredibly short.”

“Even as leaks and rumors throughout the year revealed virtually every detail about the iPhone X (save its official name), Apple remained mum. It’s not the company’s practice to respond to speculation, but I wondered if they would ever try to dispel the notion that they couldn’t meet iPhone X demand,” Ulanoff writes. “Now it occurs to me that Apple not only saw no need to respond, they were probably quietly pleased about the intense speculation.”

“Now, almost a month after the on-sale date, there’s zero indication that iPhone X supplies are low,” Ulanoff writes. “Nor are there many claims that demand is low either. Which means there may be millions of people who want an iPhone X and more than enough supply to go around.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All of the reports of “supply issues” can from analysts, not Apple.

As yields improved on elements of the TrueDepth Camera system and other iPhone X parts, Apple’s production ramp certainly seems like went swimmingly. The end result will be tens of millions of happy customers this quarter and a very Merry Christmas for Apple Inc.