“Apple Pay Cash will launch in final form with iOS 11.2 and WatchOS 4.2 ‘later this fall,’ but for now Apple’s letting others try it out in beta with other beta testers,” Scott Stein reports for CNET.

“A new public beta of iOS 11.2 launches today with Apple Pay Cash inside. Anyone can try sending payments with it, but the person receiving payments also has to have the iOS 11.2 public beta installed,” Stein reports. “Apple Pay Cash works like Venmo and other peer-to-peer payment apps, but is baked into iOS. New users don’t need to sign up for the service, and cash cards can be received without any setup needed.”

“Payments can be made via debit card or credit cards already set up in Apple Pay (debit cards are free, credit cards will have a small fee attached),” Stein reports. “Received cash cards can be used immediately, or transferred into a bank account with a standard-issue waiting period for the transaction to complete.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Toe in the water. Good to see Apple making sure this thing is perfect before public launch.

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