“Following the official release of the iPhone X on Friday, Samsung is out today with a new ad for its Galaxy Note 8 flagship,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The new ad slams the iPhone X’s notch design, the lack of a headphone jack, and much more.”

“The ad, called ‘Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy,’ progresses through several past iPhone launches, mocking different features and changes along the way. The iPhone 3GS is mocked for its lack of storage space, while the iPhone 5s is mocked for not supporting a stylus,” Miller reports. “Samsung mocks the iPhone 7 for its lack of a headphone jack and lack of support for Qi-enabled wireless charging. Of course, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X now support Qi wireless charging.”

“Ultimately, the iPhone user in the video ends up switching to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8,” Miller reports. “For one last shot at the iPhone, the now Galaxy Note 8 user walks past a line of people waiting for the iPhone X – complete with someone rocking a notch-shaped hair cut.”

MacDailyNews Take: We completely missed that notch haircut dig when we saw the ad in TV last night. So, yet another poorly realized idea from Samsung – par for the course (see fingerprint readers, facial identification, contactless payments, personal assistants, display calibration, operating systems, processors, etc., etc., etc.)

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MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of Samsung’s desperation in the morning!

Samsung is right to be worried.

This ad is designed to keep the dwindling number of sheep in Samsung’s pen. Like all the rest of Samsung’s ads, it’ll fail, as iPhone user satisfaction is very high and the tide of upgraders from Android to real iPhones is much stronger than the trickle of new head trauma victims who decide to downgrade from an actual iPhone to a knockoff from a South Korean dishwasher maker.

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