“Ten years ago, Apple introduced the very first iPhone, and changed the world. Today, we’re taking apart Apple’s 18th iteration—the iPhone X,” iFixit writes. “With its rounded edges and edge-to-edge display, we’re sure this is the iPhone Steve imagined all of those years ago—but now that his dream is realized, will it be as influential as the first? Time will tell, but for now we’ll be doing our part to help you decide. Join us as we open Apple’s crown jewel to see what makes it shine.”

“Before we dive in blindly, let’s get some 10-ray X-ray recon from our friends at Creative Electron,” iFixit reports. “Here’s what we found: Not one, but two battery cells. That’s a first in an iPhone! A super-tiny logic board footprint. Based on the overlaid solder points, it looks like there are two stacked layers. There’s a mysterious chip down between the Taptic Engine and lower speaker—we’re curious to see what’s down there!”

X-ray of Apple's iPhone X

X-ray of Apple’s iPhone X

“The dual-cell design is more of a space-utilization measure than a capacity-changing one,” iFixit reports. “Two cells allows for more creative shapes and placement, to best take advantage of the space left over by shrinking the logic board.

Read more and see all of the gory details in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iFixit grades iPhone X repairability as 6 out of 10 (with 10 being the easiest to repair) which is amazing for a device that’s so compact and feature laden.

Check out the images, the iPhone X is perhaps even more beautiful inside than it is outside! Steve Jobs would love the inside of iPhone X, that’s for sure!