“A new ‘Draft Tim Cook 2020’ website was launched on Friday as an apparent effort to convince Apple’s CEO to launch a presidential campaign,” Brent Scher reports for The Washington Free Beacon.

“The website, which provides no information on who is behind the effort, features a modified red, white, and blue Apple logo and highlights speeches Cook has delivered in place of a campaign platform,” Scher reports. “The website also highlights tweets Cook has sent that indicate he is part of the movement to ‘#Resist’ Republican President Donald Trump. Other tweets are shown to illustrate that Cook has taken a position on DACA, the Charlottesville protests, the transgender military ban, and the Paris Climate Accords.”

“The website also highlights the fact that Cook was almost picked to be the Democrat’s vice presidential candidate in 2016, links to various profiles of Cook, and discloses his political activity in recent years,” Scher reports. “The anonymous group behind the website has also created a “@DraftTimCook” Twitter account on Friday.”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

MacDailyNews Take: Back in August, when asked by a reporter for The Des Moines Register whether he was interested in running for the U.S. presidency, Tim Cook responded:

You’ve got to be kidding… I’ve got a full-time job. And I love Apple deeply. So no, there’s no connection there at all.

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