“Shortly after [launch] I went to my first party with the [original] iPhone. After I pulled it out, I was treated like a celebrity. Everyone — even people who I would never think of as into tech — had questions and wanted to try it out. They asked what my favorite features were, how much I paid, and whether they should get one. Strangers in bars came up to me to ask about the gadget I was holding, and a couple even bought me drinks,” Pete Pachal writes for Mashable. “This pattern repeated until at least September, when Apple lowered the price of the iPhone to $400.”

“The original iPhone was a great device on its own. But I’d be lying if I said getting treated like a rock star didn’t factor into my overall appreciation of the product,” Pachal writes. “On some level, joining the ‘cool club’ was a part of my initial decision [to buy it], but living with the phone showed just how exclusive it was.”

“Which brings me to the iPhone X. Since 2007, the cool factor of buying an iPhone has waned. Over the years — as Apple’s sales have ballooned and the iPhone has become the best-selling smartphone in the world — the device has gotten less and less exclusive. When you buy an iPhone, you’re no longer special; you’re basic,” Pachal writes. “The iPhone X promises a lot…but it’s the real promise of the iPhone X is that it brings back the cool factor. Not only is the cachet of owning Apple’s latest back, but the design of the phone is conducive to getting noticed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course it’s a factor. How much of a factor depends on the owner. For most people we know, it’s not a strong reason to own an iPhone X.

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