“It’s the most anticipated smartphone in years, and its success will be important for Apple. I was one of just a few journalists to be given a chance to spend the last nine days getting to grips with the new iPhone X,” David Phelan writes for The Independent. “Face ID: This is one of the key features on the new phone and it’s a winner… Is it 100 per cent reliable? No, but it’s pretty close. The only times it didn’t recognise me were when it was lying flat on the table and I was leaning in too close. It needs to see your eyes, nose and mouth to work.”

“It feels slightly magical and utterly personal. The frustrating thing when demonstrating the unlock is that it doesn’t work for anyone else, so nobody gets to feel just how intimate it is,” Phelan writes. “It’s also very advanced: if the phone rings and it sees you’re looking at the screen, the iPhone thoughtfully lowers the ring volume – after all, you’ve spotted the phone’s ringing, right?”


“TrueDepth Camera system: This is what powers Face ID, and takes up a wide, if shallow, swathe at the top of the display. It’s referred to by some as ‘the notch,'” Phelan writes. “it’s a design which has been divisive because it’s a bite out of the display. At first, it’s something that really dominates what you see. It takes a chunk out of the Home screen, for instance, which has consequences for the information revealed in the top line of the display, of which more in a moment. Your eye is really drawn to it when you’re viewing a photo on the screen and you zoom in… And then, you suddenly realise after a few days’ use, you barely notice it.”

“The iPhone X is fast, responsive and highly effective. Mostly, new phones are iterative upgrades to last year’s model,” Phelan writes. “But this? This feels like the future.”

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