“When given the chance to choose,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld, “employees choose to use iOS and Mac, which is why hundreds of thousands of Apple systems are or will soon be in use at some of the world’s biggest enterprise names.”

“IBM, Delta, GE, and many more are using Macs/iOS,” Evans writes. “SAP has almost 13,000 Macs deployed across its business. Capital One has 12,000 Macs. GE recently announced plans to shift to iOS devices and Macs. Bank of America, Medtronic, and Panera are adopting iPads. Even the NYPD recently revealed it is dumping Windows Phones for iOS. Walmart is the latest major enterprise to say it is developing plans to deploy thousands of Macs across its business. The company already expects over 225,000 of its sales associates to be on iPad by the end of 2017.”

“Why is this happening? In part, it’s the TCO,” Evans writes. “IBM has claimed to save up to $543 per Mac in comparison to the cost of a PC, and that 73 percent of its employees will choose a Mac when given the chance. Canada’s Compugen recently launched a new service to provide, configure and support Apple products for enterprise customers. Noting that Apple’s devices “transform productivity”, Compugen President and CEO, Harry Zarek said: ‘Customers will realize the exceptional TCO and favourable leasing terms Apple hardware brings to the enterprise based on strong residual and lifetime values.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s certainly great to see so many eyes finally opening up, but, boy, did it seem like it took a long time!

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