“True story: every time we run a post warning people of a new iMessage phishing scam that pops up, we get a bunch of feedback from readers via email.,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “Some people thank us for the heads up, but others email to complain that these phishing scams are so obvious and no one actually falls for them so warnings are a waste of time. That notion is of course preposterous, and unsuspecting users fall victim to these scams all the time. That’s why these scams still exist, obviously.”

“Well, last time we covered one of these scams, we received a bunch of obligatory complaint emails like we always do. But then, just over a week later, one of the people who emailed us sent a follow-up. After telling us that we’re wasting our time with these warnings, his own wife fell victim to the very scam we warned people about. She lost access to her Apple ID account and had personal data stolen as a result,” Epstein reports. “Long story short, please take these warnings seriously and be sure to pass them on to all of your less savvy friends and family.”

“With that out of the way, it’s time to bring a fresh new iMessage scam to your attention,” Epstein reports. “Like other phishing scams that have come before it, this one looks to steal Apple ID login credentials from unwitting iPhone users. ‘Your AppleID is due to expire today,’ the incoming text message reads. ‘Tap [URL removed] to update and prevent loss of services and Apps.'”

Read more, and see the screenshot, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Warn those friends and family members – those who wouldn’t recognize that there should be a space between “Apple” and “ID,” that the URL is not an Apple domain, etc. – who you think might be susceptible to such a scam!