“I never thought that it would happen. And then it did,” Raymond Wong writes for Mashable. “On a recent two-week vacation to Japan (my first time, and, yes, it was amazing if you must know), I finally ditched my ‘real’ camera, a Sony A6300 interchangeable lens camera I bought about two years ago, a replaced it with the iPhone 8 Plus. And my trip was infinitely better because I left the Sony in my suitcase.”

“Don’t get me wrong. My Sony camera is like my baby. I love it to death. It takes incredible photos and shoots excellent 4K videos. I use it for both work and personal shooting and nothing beats a robust interchangeable lens camera. I’m a camera nerd now and forever. (Fun fact: I started at Mashable reviewing cameras just because I wanted to test the latest ones),” Wong writes. “But it turns out the iPhone — more specifically, the iPhone 8 Plus — is more than just a ‘good enough’ camera.”

“By the end of the trip, I had taken about 700 distinct photos and videos with my iPhone 8 Plus over 11 days compared to the 30-or-so I did with my Sony,” Wong writes. “One thing became very clear as I soaked in Japan: The iPhone 8 Plus is now my favorite camera to shoot with.”

Tons more, including many photographs, in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: There are some beautiful photographs captured by Wong and his iPhone 8 Plus in the full article!

iPhone 8 Plus’ camera is unmatched – for a few more weeks.