“There’s never been a better time to trade your cable company’s rented DVR for your own Mac-based solution. A once-sparse market for Mac DVR apps now overflows with increasingly powerful and user-friendly choices for recording your favorite TV shows, via antenna or cable,” Nathan Alderman writes for iMore. “We’ve sifted through the growing pile of Mac DVR solutions to compare the two top contenders: veteran EyeTV and relative newcomer Plex.”

“The other players in the Mac DVR arena have their merits, but they all fall short in key ways. It’s important to note that no Mac DVR apps, including EyeTV, Plex, or any of the following rivals, can currently display or record encrypted premium cable channels such as HBO, Showtime, or Starz, even if you’re a subscriber,” Alderman writes “The cable industry demands hefty fees for the keys to unlock those codes, and none of the current Mac apps has yet been willing or able to shell out that much cash.”

“EyeTV boasts many superior individual features, like live TV and more precise scheduling. If you want to fine-tune your recording schedules, or more easily automate your recordings with AppleScript, you may want to go with EyeTV despite its idiosyncrasies and its hefty up-front price,” Alderman writes. “But for most users, EyeTV’s strong suits aren’t strong enough to outweigh Plex’s good looks and impressive ease of use.”

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