“At one time, a new version of macOS might have been a huge deal. Apple would announce over 200 new features, and you could always depend on having lots of changes. Some visual, some under the hood. With OS X, Apple would deliver major changes in each release before adopting a tick-tock pattern,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So a recent example is OS X Snow Leopard, which refined OS X Leopard, and OS X Mountain Lion, which refined OS X Lion. You expect, then, that macOS High Sierra is the refinement of macOS Sierra.”

“What this means is that, on the surface, they really resemble each other so closely that you will be hard pressed to detect any difference at all, except in a few ways. It’s not that there are no changes, but it will convey a quick level of familiarity that will allow you to upgrade without much to be concerned about,” Steinberg writes. “Overall, then, I’d probably recommend the move to High Sierra, although there may be issues with the new Apple File System (APFS). Now a file system is a big thing. It reflects how files are managed and stored on your machine’s drive and thus, if something untoward occurs, you may find yourself having problems. ”

“The installation of High Sierra on a Mac with an SSD converts to APFS automatically. You can’t stop the process, although there was a checkbox that allowed you to skip the conversion during the beta process. So if there are any concerns at all, don’t do it. Or prepare to backup and reformat your drive as HFS+ after installation,” Steinberg writes. “As with all maOS upgrades since the late 1980s, I’ve almost always updated my Macs early on, often with access to betas (with ready backups). So High Sierra was no exception, although I was more careful than usual.”

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